Happy Thanksgiving

UPDATE: realized that I also had a video of the ribbon test for the frames so I’m adding this to the post! c: Time really flies that it is already November and thanksgiving is just around the corner. I’ve had some issues this past month due to flooding that happened in my apartment and having to temporary relocate, but self study has gotten me to a point where I have

A Quick Update

I am now in the process of making the custom rig for this character. Starting with the body of course, will be adding stretching limbs. Also planning on a ribbon control rig for the Mouth threads and around the eye. I wish I had more progress to show but recently I have just been doing most of these things in my spare time after work and whenever its not as


I am back at work at the school so I’ve been quite busy the last week. However yesterday finally had some time so I wanted to try my hand again at the body specifically. Last time after I finished I immediately used Human IK to quickly rig and apply the test animation footage maya provides so I can have a better idea of how the model will be moving. The

Mascot Design and Model

I haven’t made a post in a while so here I am with an update. I’ve been working with a friend of mine, Devin, creating a model (and eventually rig) for his character VooVoo that he made back when we were in city college together. Voovoo is a mascot of sorts for his aspiring visual production company. Initially I worked with another friend of mine, Kevin to create this version

Red Fish Rig Demo

I finally made a demo video for a rig that gave me a pretty hard time, but ultimately I am proud of it. This rig was one of five that I made for a student producer at the University of Southern California. It was the most involved rig since it was the main character. Other characters include, a sea urchin, a human infant, a jelly fish, and a crab. I

New Rigging project!~

So currently working on a rig using a model a friend of mine Nessa made. I used advanced skeleton 5 for the first time and took the time to use its facial rigging set up. I usually make rigs on my own, without scripts but I wanted to try to understand AS5 itself and use this rig to animate this month’s 11 second club contest! Well I didn’t quite finish,

Mummy’s Revenge

Entry for May 2021 11 Second Club. hoping to make a new demo reel soon.


I graduated back in May and since then I’ve gotten a job that is pretty great and allows me to work on improving my skills when I’m not working on helping out others. So far I’ve created a few rigs (just trying to improve on my overall ability) and have started learning python, and occasionally will make some digital art. My plan is to update the website with new work

a Post Graduation reflection

I graduated last Saturday. The last few weeks seemed to happen very quickly and I was anxious about 75 percent of the time but in the end I felt a huge relief after I sat down at the ceremony. I’ve been in school for quite some time [started as a bio major in 2010] and to finally be done is a relief to me. I didn’t always like learning and

The Future Freaks Me Out – Chorus

WIP – Future Freaks Me Out from Nicole Martinez on Vimeo. HERE IT IS! So after a few weeks of work I had this to show the band (Motion City Soundtrack) last night when I went to their final tour. I was so flipping nervous yo. I have to finish my actual finals now but then I’m going right back to this. I did not storyboard the whole song to